BEE Procurement Policy

Selecting the right supplier is one of the key commercial decisions that Unico regularly has to make. Suppliers who consistently deliver materials or services to specification, on time and at the right total cost make an important contribution to our effectiveness and profitability.

It is for this reason that Unico believes that, in order to reduce the economic disparity between black and white people in South Africa, it is important to invest the necessary time, effort and money in identifying, developing and maintaining relationships with Historically Disadvantaged South African (HDSA) suppliers who individually and collectively meet the needs of our business.

In Unico we are committed to:

Helping create sufficient opportunities for Historically Disadvantaged South Africans to compete fairly and confidently in the mainstream economy.
Investing in developing South African communities and individual talent.
Developing and empowering integrated BEE companies to become sustainable competitors in the marketplace.
Enhancing job creation in the country by supporting local procurement.
Actively promoting a culture of utilising BEE suppliers by spenders within the company.
Promoting a culture in which all UNICO employees share this commitment.
Continuously identifying, utilising and developing BEE Suppliers on a regular basis.

It is within the above policy that UNICO endeavours to demonstrate a tangible and deliverable commitment to Black Economic Empowerment through it's procurement, outsourcing and contract-awarding activities.